Private Mixology Class

Sign up for a hands-on experience where you will shake, stir, and make three craft cocktails while being guided by our resident mixologist Kevin Dolcine (@_shakenorstirred). Along with the tasty beverages you will learn the history and origins of the cocktails you're enjoying while also gaining educational points on spirits and more.

- 6-10 people/$60 per person
- Class typically lasts about two hours
- Classes offered Monday-Thursday
- 3 full-sized cocktails of your choice
- Complimentary hummus and pita for the table
If you don't see what you're looking for on the list, we'll work something out:

Old Fashioned
Black Manhattan (new trend of classic)
Vesper (vodka, gin / spirit forward)
Mai Tai (tiki)
Bees Knees (gin / refreshing)
Penicillin (scotch / medicinal)
Aviation (gin / citrus)
Paper Plane (whiskey / citrus forward)
Sazerac (whiskey / spirit forward)
Sidecar (cognac / sweet)

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Contact us to inquire more information about scheduling a private mixology class.