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When we started Eighteen36 our goal was to pay homage to the city we love and hold dear. It’s one of the reasons we partnered with Roadster Grill to bring back a true Houston institution. Today that is still the case, we love our city and want more than ever to be there for Houston during these tough times.

Along those lines we commit to the following:
1. We will make every effort to provide work or, should it come to it, find work for every one of our existing employees.
2. We will provide $1 from every mixed beverage, a bottle of wine, or a bottle of beer sold through our internal to-go and delivery orders to a fund for our service staff.
3. Anyone who orders from us directly who identifies themselves as in need of relief will without question receive a 50% discount on food.

Houston we are here for you and will continue to be throughout this difficult time.

-The Eighteen36 and Roadster teams

Beverage Menu

Bottled Beer $4
Blue Moon, Corona, Heineken, Miller Lite & Stella
White Claw- Mango or Raspberry

Wine by the Bottle
Kraemer- Blanc de blanc $20 
Kraemer- Rose $20

Havelock-Sauvignon Blanc $22
Los Andes- Rose $20
Sonoma Bench-Chardonnay $25
Zio Baffa-Pinot Grigio $20

Cherry Cove- Pinot Noir $25
Dante Robino- Malbec $20
First Fiddle- Cabernet $21
Grand Bouqey- Merlot $23

Liquor (375ml)
Tito’s Vodka $21
Patron Silver Tequila $33
Crown Royal Whisky $23
Jameson Irish Whiskey $24 

Aperol Spritz $9.5 Aperol, Sparkling wine, soda water
Central Air $12 Bacardi rum, Banane du Bresil, Orgeat, Blue Curacao, Lime Juice
Bee’s Knees $8 Gin, House-made honey syrup, Lemon juice
Brown Derby $8 Whiskey, house-made honey syrup, Grapefruit juice
Gimlet $9 Vodka, Lime juice, Simple syrup
Moscow Mule $8 Vodka, Lime juice, Ginger beer
Margarita $8 Tequila, Triple sec, Lime juice, Simple syrup

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Tell us what you’d like and we’ll do our best to make it happen, including our signature cocktails.


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“The town of Houston is located at a point on the river which must ever command the trade of the largest and richest portion of Texas… when the rich lands of this country shall be settled, a trade will flow to it, making it, beyond all doubt, the great interior commercial emporium of Texas.”The Allen Brothers